It’s Important. This is your chance to have a say where your tax dollars go. Arizona will allow you to send your school district a tax credit now and you may be able to subtract the total amount from your State income tax.

It’s Easy.  Just use this site to direct your contribution of up to $400, (married, filing jointly) or $200, (single) to the schools and activities you choose and then re-claim your contribution on your taxes. You will receive a receipt immediately upon completion of your contribution.

You Benefit.  Arizona School District residents gain a stronger school district through your tax credit contributions.  Every Arizona resident may participate and direct their contribution to the School District of their choice. Tell your friends and family, neighbors and co-workers about the Arizona School Tax Credit.  

More detailed information about Arizona School Tax Credit can be found here.


Even if you don’t qualify for the Arizona Tax Credit…you can still claim your gift as a fully tax-deductible donation on your State and Federal taxes. Consult your tax accountant for guidance.